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The Heart Helper is a monthly self-care subscription box that aims to aid all in reaching their holistic heights. Our mission is to provide the tools necessary for one to strengthen the spirit, manage the mind and most importantly, honor the heart.

Created by J. Smith, the author of "The Book of Real Shit: A Collection of Poetry and Life Thoughts" and "Flowers in the Garden", it's obvious why our boxes are purposely poetic and passionate. We wanted to focus on the heart because it is the home to one's highest self. The heart is the center of all of creation and if we can focus on opening our core, we can become more deeply connected to others, ourselves, and the divine world around us. More than ever, this is what we all desire and deserve.

All of the products that are featured in our boxes are handpicked from black and minority owned companies. We support companies that sell and create quality products with care. In our effort to help hearts, we also want to help amazing businesses that may not be well known. They all understand our mission and have helped us manifest it, just for you.

On a monthly basis, our subscribers can expect quality incense, candles, prayer books, affirmation books, organic teas, natural soaps, healthy recipes, crystals and much more!

Love Always,

The Heart Helper

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