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A Soft Life


Surprisingly enough, a soft life is a simple life. It isn’t glamorous, glitter filled or too good to be true because a soft life is very much so attainable. A “soft life” looks a lot like peace, smells like forgiveness and embodies the essence of love. A soft life has nothing to do with the surface level of consciousness, but it has everything to do with the deepest level of awareness.

Yes, money makes life easier but let’s be clear, it doesn’t make life soft. Have you ever met a miserable rich person? I certainly have, which lets me know that money doesn’t make life soft, it only makes life secure. Throughout my years, I have come to learn that peace makes my life soft, love makes my life soft, and forgiveness makes my life soft. A soft life is right in front of our faces and those that have the ability to be present have enjoyed its gift.